a guest post from amy

today's guest blogger is amy whitehouse.  she is not just an exceptional artist, she is also mother to my sweet hubby and now, "mom mom" to miss elinor.  i am honored to feature her work on this blog again and let her share some creative inspiration with you.  ben and i are blessed to have many amy whitehouse originals coloring the walls of our home.  if you wnt to be inspired or pick up a new little something to add to your own art collection, check out her site and blog...
thank you amy!
For any plein aire painters, you may enjoy the story behind this painting.
My friend Maryann and I had planned to paint together
at an old adobe home site where an acquaintance lives.
We each packed our art supplies, snacks, coffee;
we met early morning as planned, ready to go!
I unpacked my paints, my easel, my turp can, my palette,
and...oh no! where are my brushes?
Yep, forgot the brushes.  However I did have a couple of paper towels,
found a stick on the ground and went to work.
The result is today's posting
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