contemplations of mr. charles

greetings, ladies and gentlemen.

well...things have really changed around here.  we now have a tiny human living with us.  you know that elinor that everyone was talking about?  well, turns out she is a tiny human.  she has some fur on her head which i like to sniff and occasionally groom with my tongue, only when my mom and dad aren't looking.  she makes funny sounds all the time - squeaks and hiccups and sighs.  she also makes a really loud "waaahh" noise every so often.  i don't like that sound and i don't think my parents like it either.

since bringing her home, coco and i have been trying to adjust.  coco has accepted things rather quickly.  she just wags her tail and visits from time to time before lying down on her furry blanket.  i, on the other hand, have taken up my post as protector of the tiny human.  from the first moment i met her, i knew that i needed to take care of her.  this is my charge.  i stand guard while mom feeds her and i stay on high alert whenever others come to our home and try to hold her.  i do my best to make sure people don't make her "waaahh".  and i sit nearby while she is eats and burps and sleeps - just to make sure that she isn't disturbed.

i must say that i am quite enjoying my new life as elinor guardian.  i think that we will get along rather swimmingly.