dear peanut

::  ten days  ::

dear elinor,

your papa and i are just so in love with you.  you are so darn cute!  those little mouse squeaks and sighs.  your fussy face with furrowed brow.  your fists of fury that punch wildly when you are frustrated or leaving a little something for us in your diaper.  your yogi frog legs.  your bicycle kicks.  your fingers and toes.  your wild eyes.  your sweet smirk.  we are in big trouble, little lady.

by the way...your papa is pretty amazing with you.  such a natural.  he is taking such good care of us.  and hearing him call us "his girls" is my new favorite.  i sure do like our little family.  and i know that it will just get better and better as we continue to learn about each other and settle into our family unit-ness.

i feel like we are getting to know you pretty well.  and what we know about you is that you have a whole lot of personality in that tiny bundle.  you love to surprise us.  sometimes you want to be a sassy little grumpus and sometimes you are just a doll.  well, most times you are a doll... sometimes you want to be all bundled up and rock while we sing and read and sometimes you want to just be left alone to move about and show off your baby skills, straining to prove that you can control your own head and move about with ease.

you are always curious.  you love to observe, eyes darting around to capture your surroundings.  and all the while, God is using you to teach me.  i am learning how to be more patient and soft and nurturing.  i am learning when to take action and when to be still.  when to guide and provide structure for you.  when to let you work things out and adjust to things on your own.  i am learning how to protect and put your needs ahead of my own.  and i am definitely a swaddle artist at this point.  i am learning how to make tweaks to maximize our feeding sessions.  reading your cues and being sensitive to your needs while insuring routine and reliability.  i am learning to anticipate.  i am learning how to pray.  i am learning how to savor the moment and fully engage in the present.  i am learning that i have so much to learn.  i am learning anew how much i need a savior and very present help.

here's to exploring and growing and learning - together - with God's help.

love, your mama