39 weeks

cravings & such:  i have been wanting protein, big time.  just my body's way of getting geared up for something pretty major in the coming weeks.  i have also been wanting candy.  sour, sour candy.  [thanks halloween marketing].  and people have been offering to make spicy food for me.  our family seems to have some chefs with ulterior motives.

the bump:  oh yes, i have one of those.

cool & cute things:  she is just hanging out in there.  napping and stretching.  and packing on that layer of fat.

new things:  she weighs about 6 pounds 7 ounces according to our ultrasound tech.  she is a little thing.  but, healthy and happy with a strong heartbeat.  plus, she is head down and super low in my pelvis...assume the position!

meaningful moments:  getting to see her little face during a quick ultrasound check-in this week.  she was sleeping and all curled up in my hip bone.  and, she was making the cutest little sucking movements.  her little lips were moving away!  oh, she was just so sweet.  i can't wait to see that little face.

the countdown:  one week, one week!

current size:  a mini watermelon.  although, i like to think of her as more of a seasonally adjusted, tiny pumpkin.