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happy monday!  still no baby around here...

but, we sure are having fun waiting for her to arrive.  lots of little tasks getting checked off the list, lots of time for sleeping in and movie watching.  and lots of time for cooking and eating.  this weekend, my sweet man whipped up that long-awaited pregnancy pasta that i was bragging about a few days back.  and yes, it was everything that we dreamed it would be.

let me assure you that we did more than just eat pasta this weekend.  but, those are the only pics that are making it onto today's post.  because yes, it is worthy.

okay.  nursery?  check.  diapers?  check. car seat?  check.  stroller?  check.  clothing?  check.  pregnancy pasta?  check.

now, show yourself, baby!

{let the preparations begin}{garlic}{crisping up the prosciutto with the aromatic garlic olive oil}{charlie's crazy eyes while coco spins...they really like their "shoot-oh" as ben calls it}{bubble, bubble}{whisking that carbonara sauce like a madman}{strands of creamy goodness}{final touches}{the final plate.  about two point three seconds before my fork dove in}