planning ahead

calling all bloggers, writers, readers, creatives, mommies, inspired folks, and friends!  since october is in full swing and our little girl will be here before you can bat an eyelash, i am in full-on planning mode.  nesting, cleaning, organizing, scheduling, etc.

in an effort to not neglect my little ol' blog, i would like to line up some guest posts to feature during the weeks following miss elinor's arrival.  any takers?  i want it all!  fashion tips.  stories from your first days as a mom.  foodie bits.  craft ideas.  inspirational stories.  lovely images.  bring it on!  and since we are heading into the official season of thanks [and since i know that we will be bursting with grateful hearts around these parts], i would especially like to post some of your "top ten things i am thankful for" lists.

so,  if you have just been dying to be featured on swanky&dapperhere is your golden ticket.  [by the way, i fully understand that my humble blog is in no way comparable to the wonka factory...but you get the idea.]  aaaannd now that song is stuck in your head.  success! 

come one, come all. 

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the more the merrier!