37 weeks

full term!

full term!


cravings & such:  nothing special.  anything yummy works for me.  i am watching the excessive sodium intake [sorry chips and queso] to help keep thoses snuffaluffagus-esque ankles at bay.

the bump:  getting bigger and moving a lot.  baby girl likes to test the tactile strength of my uterus by stretching-out into forbidden territory.  liiike...my ribcage!  or my sides.  i think she is trying to wrap her legs around me to see if her toes can meet up at my spine.  i keep telling her "nope.  that zone isn't for you, little one.  you get the belly area".  does she listen?  um, no.  a sign of her determined nature for sure.

cool & cute things:  if i were to go into labor today, her lungs would be mature enough to fully adjust to life outside the womb.

new things:  baby weighs about 6 pounds and measures about 19 inches long.

meaningful moments:  putting her little diapers into the dresser drawer.  placing the changing pad on the dresser.  practicing with our new baby carrieroooh, hubby is going to look so dreamy carrying our little girl!  is there a more handsome sight to behold?  can't wait.  the first load of baby clothing.  all those teeny tiny baby things make laundry day so much better!  [yes, i know.  i hear myself.  i am savoring this feeling now and saving it for later on so that i can reference it when i am knee-deep in cloth diapers and spit up.  and then, i will laugh at my silly former self before diving into yet another load of "all those teeny tiny baby things that make laundry day so much better".  laundry day which now equals every day.  yes, life is about to change.]

the countdown:  21 days.  did i mention, full term?  three weeks - give or take - to go!

current size:  the length of a stalk of swiss chard