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welcome, my friends to the burger-palooza version of the s&s&b post.  this week, my hubby and i celebrated my cousin's birthday, and coincidentally, national cheeseburger day, by heading out to the grind for some burgers.  it was pretty tasty.

and, in a stroke of good luck, we had also scheduled one of our before-the-baby-arrives-just-the-two-of-us date nights as a trip to zinburgeroops.  burgers twice in one week!  you know, most people would have chickened out and rescheduled, but not us!  no sir, we powered through.  plus, if it is in the daytimer, it must be so.

here are some mouth-watering pics from our burger excursions.  enjoy, enjoy.

and make sure to clean up the drool from your keyboard.

the table is set + the super crispy fries + my man's side of mac and cheese + my man's gigantor burger complete with fried ratatouille and peppers and cheese + donuts with butterscotch for dessert + two very happy faces + hurray for az restaurant week! + the cool milk bottle chandelier at zinburger + my man's plate + my bunless burger with zinfandel onions.  bunless so that i had extra room for... two, yes two baskets of truffle fries and a chocolate shake!  whew.