34 weeks

and a very happy autumnal equinox to you!  the first day of fall has arrived.  ah, fall.  have i mentioned how excited i am to have a baby in the fall?  it is my favorite time of year and hubby and i are thrilled to have a tiny baby in our house during this season.  so much fun!

cravings & such:  the big ol' meal consumption is slowing down a bit.  i am usually fairly disciplined when it comes to eating every few hours, but i am also known to down a large plate of food [and go back for seconds] when i am feeling hungry and the cuisine is extra enticing.  well, these bigger plates just don't work for me these days.  the ball of baby goodness that has taken over my midsection does not allow much room for an overly full belly.  so, the meals are getting smaller and i am stepping up the frequency.  in other words, i am nibbling  away on some kind of snack pretty much all the time.  like a chipmunk.

the bump:  it looks so funny.  and yes, my husband officially chuckled at my "bowling ball" the other night.  it also moves around all the time.  she thinks that she is living in a bouncy castle where she can ping off the walls and flop around.  [note to self:  make sure to rent a princess bouncy castle for her first birthday party]

cool & cute things:  baby girl weighs about 4 3/4 pounds and is almost 18 inches long.  fat layers are filling her out making her appear "rounder".  hence the bowling ball.

new things:  the central nervous system is maturing and her lungs are continuing to mature as well.

meaningful moments:  being woken up by her movements.  and then remaining awake while she enjoyed a little belly fit.  no joke, she just bounced around from right to left for 15 straight minutes.  it felt like someone was playing the bongos in there.  i imagine that she was giggling the whole time.  it must have been amusing because she just kept going!  it was definitely entertaining but i started feeling a bit seasick toward the end.  it was like she was playing rock the boat with my internal bits.  this girl is going to be something, let me tell ya.

the countdown:  42 days to go!

current size:  a cantaloupe