a post-it post

this is a bit of a love letter for all the fabulous nerds out there.  to all of you who love office supplies.  who have a very particular pen preference. who own a daytimer.  i am talking, old school, pen to paper, calendar pages daytimer [or filofax, if you are rollin' swanky like me].  who believe that only college ruled paper will do.  who put everything in binders.  who highlight.  who make checklists to maintain sanity.  who collect post-it notes. this post is for you. 

for those of you who believe that organization is truly a form of art, i give you a vibrant post-it installation.  a work of art inspired by the ultimate staple of organization, the post-it note.  a badge of honor for to-do-listers everywhere.  this piece of art is for you.  because, you appreciate it, in all its color-coded, remarkably constructed glory.  from one nerd to another.