no ordinary marriage

one of the greatest social tragedies of our day is the underperformance of marriage—not only marriages that end in divorce, but also those which, while remaining “intact”, become painfully strained and emotionally scarred. surely there must be hope for something better, for something more.

together for God's glory


the tagline for this book is unpacked on the pages of this fantastic work by dr. tim savage.  ben and i are blessed to get to hear him proclaim God's truth every sunday at our church and we are thrilled about this new book.  God has blessed this man with a desire for Christ, a brilliant mind, an extreme love for people, a passion for holiness, a keen intellect, a gift for discerning and proclaiming the truth of God's Word, and a humble servant's heart.  God has used him mightily to pen an exquisite and profound work on the gift and meaning of marriage.

this book is rich and replete.  filled with vibrant observations andand significant pertinence.  it isn't a quick and practical "how to" guide for married couples.  this isn't a step-by-step guide or self-help feel-goodery mumbo-jumbo.  it delves into the depths of the sacred union and expresses God's lofty purpose for marriage.  savage also discusses cruciform love and how God desires for our marriages to bring glory to Him so that His glory can infuse our relationships, increase our joy, and make us bright lights in a troubled world.

for married couples, engaged couples, dating couples, and soon-to-be-dating individuals, this is a powerful book.  pick it up and prayerfully pore over the pages.  let it seep into you, convict your heart, encourage your soul, inspire your actions, and shape your relationships - for His glory and your good.