my kind of cabin

i'm gonna be real with you, folks.  i am not exactly a "roughing it" sorta gal.  sure, i enjoy the outdoors, but i generally prefer nature in bite-sized morsels.

as you probably guessed, i  don't really do the whole camping thing.  in fact, my one and only camping experience was with my friend and her family about 15 years ago.  these people didn't mess around.  they busted out professional camper tents.  they brought along a private potty tent with a mini toilet [thank you, thank you!].  and her dad is a chef so...let's just say we weren't eating baked beans from a can.  as i recall...burgers with gruyère, caramelized onions, and buttery chanterelle mushrooms were the camping cuisine.   i had it pretty good.  and even then...not my favorite.

in fact, my idea of enjoyable outdoorsy-time is either sitting on the beach while gazing out at the tropical surroundings OR sitting by a fire pit breathing in the cool air while admiring the glistening snow [a stone's throw from the warmth of the indoors, of course].  yes, i enjoyed my time in sedona.  i loved hiking.  i loved the refreshing air.  i felt invigorated.  but, at the end of the day, i always like to come back to a comfy chair, a roaring fire, a big blanket, and hot chocolate.  then i can just sit and relax while i soak in the view outside the window.  ya know?

all of that to say...

this girl may have found her perfect cabin.  and yup, it is in the alps.  this place makes me want to put on a furry hat and hit the slopes. and then retire to my alpine spa for a nice bubble bath before curling up my the fire and calling it a day.  [nothing wrong with that, people]  pretty perfect if you ask me.

check this place out!

lovely?  amazing?  i know.

i suppose i could manage "roughing it" in a chalet like this...