dear peanut

it's official.  the nursery decorating is in full swing.  all of the wall decor has arrived.  the paint is on the walls.  the furniture has been selected.  the drapes will be hung in a couple of weeks. wow.  this is so much fun!  i guess you can say that you mama is officially on the nest and nesting away.  all i want to do is buy tiny baby clothes and look at cribs and collect stuffed animals and other soft things.  in fact, i am worried that i am becoming one of those pregnant ladies who can ONLY talk about baby stuff.  i am trying to keep it to a reasonable level as to not annoy people.  but...what can i say?  you are kind of a big deal, little one.

you seem to be growing and getting stronger by the day.  my tummy skin is trying to keep up... and i am doing my best to get plenty of sleep because i know that nighttime is when you seem to do your best developing.   as evidenced by my bigger and bigger bump each morning.  however, sleep has become a bit tricky. the growing bump makes finding a comfy sleeping position more of a task.  plus, whenever i do switch positions, you get all riled up and want to bounce around in there.  it reminds me of that part in aladdin [don't worry, we will watch disney movies together once you are here] when they are trying to enter the cave of wonders and the cave-guardian-lion-sand-creature-thing growls WHO DISTURBS MY SLUMMMBBEEERRRR?!  whenever i wake up and flip to the other side, i imagine your sweet little self waking up, stretching out, and growling at me...followed by kicks of protest.  i can't blame you.  i don't like my slumber to be disturbed either.  we'll get through it, baby girl.

stay healthy and keep growing.  we are so excited to meet you dress you in tiny clothes, to swaddle you in cute cloths, and to rock you in your lovingly decorated room.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa