etsy love

i have been snatching up some real gems from etsy.  such a dangerous site.  so many cute things.  so many quaint collections.  so many creative people...all in one place!  oh my.

after i felt sufficiently inspired, i took all my ideas for baby girl's room and created a design board to map it all out.  so much fun!  the springboard was my quirky idea for a kate spade-esque inspired wall that would be bright green with gold leaf polka dots. from there, i added in the furniture. once all of the big items were selected, the fun really began once i began adding in the decorative accents.  the little, special touches that would add plenty of personalization, playful pizzazz, and personality.  and so, i headed over to etsy to collect inspired pieces that would speak to my childhood favorites, meaningful quotes, and family memories.

here are the prints that i found and subsequently purchased.  i think these will provide lots of color and interest to the walls.  plus!  they will be super cute with the amazing quilt that my mom is creating.

little girl, you are in for a treat!

* the green print was our first purchase and a fabulous statement piece for the room.  it serves as a baby girl tribute to grandpa ridley's love of golf...a typographical tour of the flowers and foliage at each of augusta's 18 holes.  a perfect find.