fashionably agrarian

if an item of clothing shows up in vogue, it is fashionable.  they don't call it "en vogue" for nothing.

if a seemingly gross agrarian pursuit shows up on the williams-sonoma website, with its own section?  it must be yuppie-hipster fabulous.

remember when i posted here that i want chickens?  well, apparently that was a pretty on-trend post, my friends.  recently, while my sweet hubby was perusing the pages of the williams-sonoma site, he stumbled upon this page.  yup, an entire section devoted to chickens.  not utensils and cookbooks to use to braise them...but backyard coops and guides for how to raise them.

that's right!  backyard chickens are cool.  thank you for the validation of our cool-ness, williams-sonoma.  hubby and i feel uber-fashionable.