21 weeks

a little family photo

cravings & such:  same ol' stuff.  but i have been having a major love of dairy.  cheese and yogurt and cottage cheese.  can't get enough of that.  and as long as i stick to the healthier versions of dairy instead of indulging in pint after pint of ben and jerry's, i think we should be okay.

the bump:  getting bigger but still in that kind of awkward, semi-bump phase.  not exactly a cute, big, obvious preggo belly...but we should be there before you know it.  my normal wardrobe still fits...it is just requiring some re-styling to help me accentuate the fact that i am actually 21 weeks pregnant instead of just looking like a indulged in a large meal.

cool & cute things:  fluttering movements will be intensifying into full-fledged kicks and nudges.  and, she is becoming more rhythmic and patterned in her movements.  she is 10.5 inches s long and weighs in at three-quarters of a pound [wahoo!  we are using pound language for baby girl.  big day]

new things:  baby girl's eyebrows are present now.  and if she is anything like me, they are rather intense.

meaningful moments:  planning her room.  buying our first items.  reading baby books together.  feeling her move more.  calling her by name.  being on the other side of the half-way mark!

the countdown:  133 days to go!

current size: length of a carrot