a celebration of fathers

we had a little shindig for the fathers in our life on sunday.  it was fun and father-y.  basically...watching golf, grilling hot dogs and sausages, eating some refreshing watermelon, and enjoying piles of homemade slaw and potato salad.  to cap it off, we had some creamy and refreshing, frozen raspberry pie.  i was in the mood to use some of those amazing raspberries that have been beckoning me from the produce shelves at the farmers' market.  so, i whipped up some cool, pink goodness and paired it with a graham shortbread crust. an easy-peasy and lovely summertime dessert.

hubby and i heading out to the fathers day gathering + my dad.  sitting up close to the tv like a little boy.  trying to watch golf without cranking up the volume and adding to the noise level in the house.  quite considerate AND quite entertaining.  i loved that move.  + hustle and bustle in the kitchen as the meal is prepared + my mom chatting with grandpa whitehouse in his kicky new fedora.  very debonaire + assorted toppings for our hot dog bar + the pretty pink dessert [not exactly fitting for a guys' day...but tasty, nonetheless.