hip, hip, hurray for mothers day!

this was a big one, folks.  we gathered all of the assorted family members together at one house for a big-time celebration.  it was so much fun!  the planning was fun, the preparing was fun, the cooking was fun, the eating was fun.  it was an all-around great day.  the kids took care of all the details, from the table to the flowers all the way to the dessert.  then, we all gathered together and enjoyed the day.  it was relaxing and celebratory.  just how any family gathering should be.  i hope our mothers were honored and blessed.  we sure are honored to be their kids and blessed by them.

::  the mocktails  ::

in honor of mothers day, my hubby, the mixologist du jour, created a fabulous menu of refreshing and festive beverages.  with the help of his mixologist's apprentice, faith, creative drinks were stirred and muddled for serving.  the clear crowd favorites were "the derby" [a mild-mannered mint julep] and "the faux-jito" [a rum-less version of the cuban classic].  although, "the berry happy mothers day" might win in the appearance category for its vibrant purple hue and muddled berries.

::  happy conversation + mixing and mingling + relaxation  ::

everyone kicked back with their beverage of choice while the meal was being prepared.  the families shared stories and chatted with giggling and sipping.  the guys even got to watch some golf.  the kitchen was the center of the excitement as the aromas of potatoes and mushrooms and onions and bacon and eggs wafted into the livingroom.

::  a delicious brunch spread and table  ::

::  dessert  ::

we ordered the super special mothers day collection from jeni's ice cream.  so, we had a tasty little tasting of unique ice cream flavors like hummingbird cake, white house cherry, sake plum, and icelandic happy marriage cake.  plus, rachel claire made a yummy berry crumble.  a little something warm with a little something cold.  the perfect way to end a meal.

::  the kids  ::

::  the moms and the kids  ::