dear peanut

hello bump!  you have finally decided to make yourself known.  your papa was getting worried.  he kept looking at apples and looking at my tummy...then wondering how that could fit in there without any little "pop".  the bump isn't really big, but i can tell and it is so much fun.  and guess what else?  i felt you move!  i have been trying to carve out some restful time where i can stay still and pay attention to you.  and, i felt you move!  it was pretty cool.  but i must say, you feel more like a bubble-blowing butterfly than a tiny person, but i will take it!  those little tummy flutters are amazing to me. i am feeling pretty happy and healthy these days.  plenty of energy which couldn't have come at a better time because i am busy-busy for the next few weeks as i tackle a big event at work and an outside project that i took on for the fun of it.  i promise to get plenty of sleep and to stay hydrated.  and, of course, to eat enough food to keep us both happy.  speaking of food, you have really been into giant plates of salad these days.  and, bowls and bowls of berries.  way to want healthy food, peanut!

i have been fighting some "placenta brain".  i think my affectionate moniker for it will be "peanut brain".  sometimes, it feels like words and thoughts just drop out of my head.  poof!  gone.  my only explanation is that you are currently working on forming your vocabulary and imagination, things that will serve you quite well later on in life.  however, little one, there is no need to take them from my brain, just ask and i will be happy to share.  as most people know, i have enough words and imagination to go around.

your papa and i are just itching to see you!  i am so happy that we get to enjoy that live-action window into your world [a.k.a. ultrasound] again soon.  that was so much fun last time and i know that you have only grown since then.  just a few more weeks!  and a just a few more months until we get to see you in person.  we are just so excited!


all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa