snaps & snippets & blurbs

whew!  the weekend flew by!  we were on the go and having way too much fun.  from dinner date nights to gelato to hair appointments to baby showers to mothers was a packed couple of days.  here are some selected snaps from my time with my sweet hubby.

happy faces + heaping salads + my handsome man enjoying his spumoni + enjoying some of the richest, creamiest, most incredible gelato ever! + wandering around old town scottsdale + artistic desert sculptures + perusing the baby duds at a sweet little kids store + a collection of vintage-inspired onesies + a baseball lover onesie for little girls [in case we do have a girl, she will need something fabulous to wear while watching the yankees play] + my incredible husband's homemade caesar salad.  he is too good to me.  i am blessed.

you may notice a complete lack of all snaps "mothers day"...don't fret, they get their very own post tomorrow. 

the day was just too big to fit into this s&s&b weekend recap post.