contemplations of mr. charles

good-day gals and gents, today i would like to contemplate the idea of sharing.  i don't like to share.  especially when papa gives me one of his socks to enjoy.  how i love socks!  i love to ball them up in my mouth and prance around the room as i proudly display my prize.  i even have a little prance-dance that i like to do.  it involves a waggily tail and squiggly behind.  i puff up my chest and stroll about with a wide stance.  once i have thoroughly strutted, i like to bring my soggy sock to papa and delicately place it at his feet.  i don't give it up willingly, of course.  he has to risk my fierce nibbles in order to snatch the sock away.  but, once he has it in his possession...the game begins.  he will teasingly whip it back and forth, trying to throw me off my game.  but, i'm no fool.  i keep my gaze fixed on that sock.  never wavering.  until, the release!  then, it is run and pounce time.  it is also about this time when coco says "heeeyyy!  how come i don't get to play?" in the whiniest of voices [mama and papa just hear her little raspy bark, but i know what is really being said].  she stands back and barks while shooting a desperate glance or so to papa.  meanwhile, papa and i keep at our play.  i usually maintain this activity for about 4 minutes.  after which, i will retire with my sock for a little nibble time on the floor.  at this point, coco tries to get in on the fun.  it usually starts with her facing me and trying to stare me down.  when that doesn't work, she will try to lick my eyeball which i can only imagine is just her feeble attempt to distract me.  weird.  then, she strategically bites the end of he sock and tries to paw at my face to get me to release.  foolish girl.  then, she will go at it from another angle to try to pull it from my mouth.  nope.  finally, she nibbles and nibbles to see if she can get close enough to my mouth for me to let the sock go.  no cigar.  this repeats for about 3 or so minutes until she relents or until i start up the fetching again.

mama thinks that i should "be sweet to my sister" and give her some of the sock.  i disagree.  when it comes to socks.  you have to fight.  you have to rip that sucker away from me.  barking to mama won't work.  licking my eyeball will not work.  i will not be manipulated or trifled with.  i will admit that if i cannot be overtaken by fighting, all you really need to do is outlast me.  this seems to work for coco.  at some point, i become tired of the sock and decide that it is nap on the lap time.  this is when coco can swoop in and take the sock.  and, she does.  of course, unlike me, coco likes to share.  so she usually brings it over to me and tries to get some playtime started.  she must like me or something.  hmmm...

that coco.  she is just too nice.