eating humble pie

ben and i are pretty good at sticking to our menu and routine during the week.  we like a schedule, i suppose.  but, there are days when you just need to toss all of that planning aside and do something spontaneous.  people need a dash of spontaneity. i have been entrenched in the planning of a major upcoming work event that rests on my shoulders.  there is much to do.  it is a lot of moving parts.  and has to be PERFECT.  now, while i love planning and organizing [any excuse to make spreadsheets and checklists and folders!], it can be exhausting and start to take its toll.  after weeks of being in the thick of it, i needed to come up for air.  plus, i have been ferociously fighting "placenta brain".  please, dear sweet peanut, will you allow me just a few more weeks of clear thinking before you suck all of the blood flow from my brain? now is not exactly the time for me to be fuzzy and have thoughts just drop out of my head.

so, after some seriously intense days at work, hubby and i kinda threw our hands in the air and said, "enough!  we need some pizza!"  and so, we took a trip to our go-to pizza place, humble pie.

just what we needed in every way.  chopped salad.  pizza with crispy, chewy crust.  and even a pizza cookie for dessert!  we really lived it up.  and somewhere between our appetizer and the last bite of ooey-gooey cookie goodness...our minds and spirits were renewed.  while the pizza is close to magical, i don't think that's what did the trick.  i am thinking that our al fresco conversation is what refreshed us.  we talked about our interactions with people, our work, our witness.  and very quickly, my attitude of "poor me...i work so hard...does anybody i matter...i do the work of three people...if i want it done right, i have to do it myself, other people just wreck stuff...yada, yada, yada..." shifted.  my outlook changed.  my heartset was altered.  we started talking about humility.  about doing all we do for the glory of God.  about working as unto God and not man.  about being the least of these that God may exalt me in due time.  about serving others.  about pouring into others.  about reflecting the love of Christ in EVERYTHING.  and soon, that humble pie that i was eating was really making a difference.  it was that renewal that i needed - that i need constantly. the Christian life is a lifelong pursuit of holiness.  a journey.  a walk.  a pattern of exhibiting more and more of Christ and less and less of me.  humility. 

i guess that sometimes God's rich lessons are served in a pizza box.