dear peanut

things are moving along quite swimmingly.  no sickness.  nothing.  and, i am over the hump [yet still no bump] and into a new trimester!  the second trimester is known for a boost in energy and an enhanced feeling of happiness.  i suppose this is when that "pregnancy glow" kicks in.  i have been so blessed so far to have enjoyed an easy time.  you continue to be very well-behaved as you actively progress and move through your life.  i am pretty sure that you get that quiet tenacity from your papa.  hmmm.  perhaps you are just waiting to exhibit my tendencies as a postpartum party for me.  we are so excited to witness your demeanor outside the womb and begin to understand your personality.  no matter what you are like, no matter what combination of traits you have, we know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  it is going to be so much fun to get to know you and watch you grow.

i am noticing that you are making a bit more of an appearance these days [just a bit].  not much, but definitely more.  i am feeling a bit more pregnant which is so strange and really fun.  so many big changes to come.  i just continue to pray for patience and peace.

i have another appointment this week to check in on you and make sure that all is well.  and, i get to hear the rapid flutter of your heartbeat which is so cool.  i bet that won't ever get old.  your entire family is awaiting the big news of whether you are a boy or a girl.  we still have four more weeks until the next appointment and we just want time to fly!  it is going to be so much fun to know what to expect so we can prepare for your arrival and for how to uniquely parent you.  your papa and i have been thinking through some ideas for how we want to do "the big reveal".  we are planning a cozy and festive soirée with family so we can all celebrate together.  we have also been testing out name ideas on charlie and coco.  we will say a name and rate it based on tail waggily-ness.  it hasn't been very conclusive and we probably won't rely on them for the final decision.  but, it has helped them get used to the idea of you.  they are excited to meet you and give you lots of kisses.  ditto for your parents.

all our love to you, little peanut.

love, your mama + your papa