el cinco

i don't actually know what cinco de mayo is a celebration for...in my book, it is the celebration of all things peppers and tacos and tequila.  so, to celebrate cinco de mayo, ben and i paired up with my parents and took a trip to the barrio queen.  oh. my. goodness.  it was some amazing stuff, people.  the atmosphere was fabulous.  the company was most enjoyable.  and the food...oh, the food.  remarkable flavor and such complex recipes.  every bite was delicious.  a pretty darn fabulous time.

welcome to the barrio queen + that cool decor i mentioned earlier + dad + mom [in her festive dress, no less] + mexican coke.  the best kind.  a big, heavy bottle.  made with real cane sugar + a pretty little cocktail [chipotle peach margarita: blanco with peach puree, agave nectar, fresh lime and orange juice dusted with chipotle].  it sure did look good and smell good.  i'm not going to lie, it was no bueno being preggo on cinco.  i'm not exactly a big drinker.  it is kind of take it or leave it...but, i do really enjoy a tart margarita with my spicy, salty mexican food.  eso es lo que pasa.  at least our little peanut enjoys spicy food, super hot peppers, and queso.  not complaints here. + house guacamole with pomegranate seeds and a side of fresh chips + QUESO!!!  choriqueso:  menonita cheese fondue topped with longaniza sausage.  it was THE PERFECT QUESO.  fresh.  real cheese.  melty.  flavorful. + the table winner for stunning presentation and interesting flavor goes to...chiles rellenos!  16 de septiembre:  chiles en nogada with black figs, apricots, pecans, golden raisins, onions, garlic, chicken, red wine all in a roasted poblano pepper. served over a walnut cream with a pomegranate garnish.  muy delicioso doesn't even begin to cover it.  it was a life changing dish [as far as my palate is concerned].

this was an evening worth repeating.  in fact, the barrio queen has this amazing taco menu where you can mix-and-match tacos to create a customized plate to your liking.  a lot like how sushi bars do it.  soooo...that will be happening very soon.  ¡adiós, barrio queen! hasta la próxima vez.