snaps & snippets & blurbs

a very happy monday to you.  hubby and i had such a splendid weekend.  food-full, family-full, and fun-full.  practically perfect in every way.  and, all the laundry is not only washed, but folded and put away!  feels good.  starting off a new week on the right foot after a quite enjoyable weekend.  here are some snaps to prove it!

starting our weekend adventures together! + a late night run to in-n-out [just what hubby has been waiting for] + splitting a double-double and fries.  perfection + taking in a matinée of the avengers with rachel & nathan + happy faces + buttery and cheddar powder dusted popcorn + my very own bag + ben's hands-off approach to popcorn consumption [hence the individual bags] + a dinner and dessert back at the whitehouse home + dad-in-law's superb street tacos + colorful toppings + sunday morning grapefruit + car trip to church + post-church carb brunch of bagels...and a few sweet treats for my sweet hubby + dinner date night at home + steak and green beans with some brad mehldau mood music + coco's sad little expression of longing as she attempts to share our meal + sorry miss steak for you + a scrumptious dessert of fresh blackberries, the sweetest pineapple, and orange scented greek yogurt with a dusting of cinnamon.  a sweet close to a lovely weekend.