14 weeks

cravings & such:  sushi.  and grilled cheese.  these aren't anything too serious.  i don't wake up screaming for sushi rolls...i just get a hankering for it and at some point in the coming days or weeks, really want to eat it.  so far, ben has been very disappointed in my cravings.  they are pretty normal.  and, i haven't once asked for a 1am in-n-out run for five double-doubles with animal style fries.  he is really hoping that part of the pregnancy starts happening soon.

the bump:  it is a bit more pronounced.  nothing to write home about yet.  if i were to wear a super tight piece of clothing, you would notice a pooch but things are not quite "oh yes, she is pregnant" yet.  i am looking forward to moving out of this pooch stage and into the official bump portion of the pregnancy.

cool & cute things:  baby is working on facial expressions thanks to increased brain impulses.  you better get some good ones going there, peanut.  we like facial expressions around here.  baby is also stretching out.  from head to bottom, he or she measures about 3.5 inches and weighs 1.5 ounces.  by the end of the week, baby's arms will have grown to a length that's in proportion to the rest of his or her body [no more t-rex arms!] and baby is starting to develop baby fuzz, called lanugo, that covers the body.

new things:  baby can now squint, grimace, pee, and suck his or her thumb!  and...welcome to a new trimester!  one-third of the way there.

meaningful moments:  pulling out some tiny little baby onesies that we purchased a long time ago for whenever we had a baby.  what a great reminder of God's perfect timing.  our little peanut has been in our prayers for a long while now...but the Creator has had it all Providentially planned for eternity.  and now, it is His time.

the countdown:  182 days to go!

current size: a lemon