15 weeks

cravings & such:  bread.  and still sushi.  and mexican food.  and berries. and gigantic salads.  and fries.  and burgers.  the usual.  ben and i did make that in-n-out run last weekend.  it was pretty fabulous.  but, it wasn't exactly 1am and i didn't consume five double-doubles and animal fries.  we split and burger and fries.  pretty weak, i know.  right now, i can't consume a ton of food [or even a regular serving] in one sitting without feeling pretty icky and full [probably because there is an apple-sized baby in there taking up extra space].  so, i have to stick to the six or so mini-meals.  i am pretty excited because we are going to enjoy some yummy brunch food for mothers day AND a dinner at bourbon steak to celebrate the end of my big work event next week. hurray for burgers and perfectly crispy fries [its called duck fat, people].

the bump:  a new trimester.  still no "official" bump. but i feel it, any day now...

cool & cute things:  baby is busy swimming around and practicing breathing and digesting .  s/he is moving amniotic fluid through the nose and upper respiratory tract which helps the air sacs in the lungs begin to develop.  baby's legs are growing longer than the arms now and s/he can move all those tiny little joints and limbs.from crown to rump, s/he measures about 4 inches long and weighs 2.5 ounces.  baby gained a whole ounce in a week!  big jump.

new things:  although baby's eyelids are still fused shut, s/he can now sense light.  if i were to shine a flashlight at my belly, our little peanut would move away from the beam.

meaningful moments:  hearing the heartbeat again.  that whooshing sound makes me smile every time.  sometimes i can't believe that there is a tiny person in there!  the strong and rhythmic pounding of peanut's heart is such an incredible reminder of the miracle that is taking place.  how remarkable and staggering that God is doing prodigious things in very intricate and delicate ways...inside of little ol' me.  what an honor.  it really puts things into perspective...

the countdown:  175 days to go!

current size: an apple