13 weeks

cravings & such:  this week, i am thinking that our little peanut was into dairy.  i was very happy eating all things cheese. and, i think that i enjoyed two or three...okay four...ice cream cones.  i am currently obsessed with just plain ol' chocolate ice cream [häagen-dazs, please].  again, nothing too shocking to report.  i am a big fan of cheese and ice cream most of the time.  this section will really get interesting if i start craving raw tomatoes with a side of cucumbers and piles of cilantro on top. [yuck]

the bump:  right now, i just look like a ate a big meal.  we aren't to the cute little bump stage yet.  okay, baby...it is time to make yourself known.  i am ready and waiting for that little bump to officially pop out.  you can do it...

cool & cute things:  baby is almost three inches long and weighs nearly an ounce.  and, baby's body is staring to catch up his/her oversized head.  if it is a girl, she now has more than two million eggs in her ovaries!  how they all fit in there, i will never know.  God is so intricate and amazing.  yes, the creation of the universe was quite impressive but i think that the creation of a tiny person inside of another person [me!] is where He really gets to show His grandeur.  i love it when God gets to show off :)

new things:  baby has fingerprints!

meaningful moments:  putting all my thoughts about our little peanut down on "paper".  i started writing letters to the little one so that i can put them all into a book along with pictures and highlights from the pregnancy.  i hope that it will be a cherished memento for our little family.

the countdown:  189 days to go!

current size: a shrimp