i've been doing some research.  did you know that there are hundreds, if not thousands of pinterest boards dedicated to cheese?  awesome, i know.  and it is no wonder, cheese is perfection.  you can dip things in it, melt it on pasta, melt it between two slices of bread, spread it on bagels, spread it on crackers, slice and serve with fruit or charcuterie, turn it into cake, whip it into frosting.  amazing.  i love cheese.  i love the way it looks when it melts on bread.  i love the way it seeps into the nooks and crannies of pasta.  i love dipping things into a cauldron of melted and oozy goodness.  it is so good.

not convinced?  okay.  take a look at some of these...

need more?  just head over to pinterest and type "cheese" into the serach bar.  then try not to crave mac and cheese, fondue, or a sandwich.  yum.