welcome home!

the gang's all here!  last night, ben and i went to the whitehouse home to welcome ben's sister rachel and her hubby nathan back from kentucky.  wahoo!  they arrived in town the night before and we popped over there as soon as we could to offer big hugs and "welcome homes".  we spent the evening chatting about life, discussing dwelling in the desert, and hearing about new job opportunities.  oh yes...and the boys talked sports and cars and technology and movies while rachel and i helped katie put some finishing [super-sparkly and decorative] touches on her science fair project.  it is all about the presentation, folks and using glitter and scrapbook paper and brightly colored pens is one of my favorite pastimes [yes, nerd alert]. then, we all sat down for a fabulous meal of steak and roasted potatoes and carrots.  accompanied by a yummy greek salad.  it was so tasty and a lovely menu for a leisurely dinner with the whole family.  after dinner, we all piled onto the couch for an episode of modern family and the eating of cupcakes - to die for, cupcakes.  it was so much fun to spend time together with everyone!  and the schroeders are here to stay.  welcome home.