snaps & snippets & blurbs

farewell to another wonderful weekend.  and just like that, a new week is here.  hubby and i made the most of every moment.  we did some friday night grocery shopping and baking.  then on saturday, i headed off to help at a bridal shower while ben had some boy's time and took in a guy movie.  then, we joined up again in the afternoon for some quick cleaning up...then it was off to dinner with ben's sister and her hubby at windsor [yes, just never gets old].  after all that, we took it easy on sunday and spent the afternoon watching a western and catching up on laundry.  capped off with a sushi date night.  it was a pretty great few days.  over much too soon.  but, another weekend is always right around the corner.  until then, here are some of our favorite snaps. here's to a fabulous, fresh week!

windsor! + a quick little outdoor wait for a table...perfect atmosphere + the cool succulent planters + the boys + the gals + retro decor + hubby making a little gopher face for the camera + some serious menu surveying and discussion before making the final picks + appetizers...fondue and corn dog poppers + rachel's selection: crab cake blt with mac and cheese + nathan's selection: the windsor burger with fries [and plenty of ketchup] + my selection: the pastrami reuben with fries and cole slaw [yup, i got two sides] + hubby's selection: the porkwich with mac and cheese + concluding the evening with some churn ice cream and cookies from next door + lazy times with the buddies + shogun sushi night...i've been so wanting some of this + starting with some tempura + enjoying a big plate of rolls.  yum