dinner, deconstructed

since i have been really wanting some yummy asian dishes, i decided to hunt for some recipe ideas and make it happen at home.  last night, i made some honey sesame chicken.  i mixed and matched recipes and came up with a pretty tasty result.

sauce ingredients: 

low sodium soy sauce

oyster sauce



chicken stock

pepper flakes

onion powder

garlic powder

sesame seeds

first things first...take about 3-4 chicken breasts and cut them up into bite-sized pieces.  heat some olive or [or ghee, which is my preference] in a non-stick pan.  toss the chicken in a mixture of flour [i like gluten-free options like rice flour], salt, and pepper.  just enough to lightly coat.  toss the chicken into the pan and brown.  remove the chicken from heat and set aside.  meanwhile, cook some rice or noodles or quinoa according to the package directions.

using the same pan, add splashes of the sauce ingredients to the pan.  i just eyeballed it and tasted to get it to the right flavor.  you are going for sweet and spicy.  let the sauce bubble away and start to thicken.  about five minutes.

add the chicken back to the pan with the sauce and let the sauce coat and simmer for about five more minutes.

remove the quinoa from the heat and fluff.

now, just plate it!  add some quinoa to a plate and spoon over the chicken and sauce.  sprinkle with sesame seeds to finish.  and...dinner is served!