a little slice [or two or three] of heaven

well, hubby and i decided to have ourselves a little pizza party.  yes, it was borderline gluttonous but my crust was also gluten-free so i think that cancels out the quantity of food consumed...

since it is tax season and ben works in the world of moolah, things have been quite tiring for him.  he comes home with his brain feeling pretty zapped.  so, to give him a much-needed night of comfort food and mindless entertainment after an exhausting day at the office and to commemorate the end of the madness, we threw ourselves a little pizza party at home.  i picked up some spicy italian pizza [that would be...pepperoni, meatballs, onions, and italian herbs] from spinato's and a giant house salad on my way home from work.  then, we grabbed our plates, popped in an action movie [gotta love jason bourne], and enjoyed an evening at home.  just the two of us, our pizza, and our furry babies.  it was a pretty awesome evening and just what we needed.