i heart...beauty products

my mom taught me well.  i remember watching her when i was little as she cleansed and moisturized her skin, delicately dabbed her perfume, and carefully applied her makeup.   i would mimic her technique.  i so loved when we would do pedicures and facials together and she would share her tips and tricks. i admired her attention to detail.  i watched as she would clean her makeup brushes, organize all of her products, and use "just enough".  she wanted to savor her little beauty treats and make them last.  she always took such great care.   i so appreciate that time and those lessons. it wasn't frivolous or vain, she was illustrating the importance of taking care of what God has given you.  from her skin to the products in her purse.  she wasn't wasteful.  she wasn't indulgent.  she didn't take it for granted.  she was careful and thoughtful.  she knew how to save on some things and splurge on others.  and she knew how to enjoy it all.

to this day, we still have fun little chats about the latest chanel nail color, the top beauty editor picks, the perfect mascara [i love maybelline the falsies, by the way], and the best drugstore steals.  it is fun to be a girl.

over the years, i have tried my share of products.  i love lip glosses.  i am a sucker for body lotions. i am a big time fan of spa-like skin treatments.  and i find myself drawn to pretty smelling stuff in cute packaging.  i like to try things and then settle in on my go-to beauty items.  while some products will come and go with seasons and seasons of life, there are a few that have stood the test of time and that i continue to look to.

here is my personal list of beauty product favs:

all images from my :: i heart :: board on pinterest