12 weeks

cravings & such:  i am liking the spicy foods right now [that really isn't anything new].  current food loves?  mexican, asian, turkey and cheese subs with lots of herbs and vinegar and shredded lettuce, and tart frozen yogurt with berries.  still no aversions or sickness to report.  i am one lucky girl.

the bump:  i feel like it is totally noticeable but nobody has told me that i am looking fat so that's good.  [thanks for being kind, folks]

cool & cute things:  baby now has reflexes! fingers will soon begin to open and close. the mouth will make sucking movements. toes will curl.  eye muscles will clench.  the baby will also squirm in response to abdominal touches.  and, good news!  the baby now looks like a human instead of a tiny little picasso.  the eyes have moved from the sides to the front of the head and the ears are right where they should be.  whew!

new things:  my hair feels really thick right now...but also very dry.  so, i am having to adjust my morning routine to accommodate. just the first [and very mild] of many adjustments.

meaningful moments:  going through site after site and book after book of baby names.  we have the girl's name locked in but boy names are tough for some reason.  we have about four names in the mix so far.  any ideas?

the countdown:  196 days to go!  under the 200 mark...

current size: a lime