one of our favorite little nooks is windsor.  this place has great people, great atmosphere, and great food.  it is a swanky yet breezy pub-like place with a killer patio and plush boothes. leather everywhere and plaid bar chairs!  amazing.  it is the kind of place where we could sit for hours just sipping beverages and nibbling on super good grub.  so cool and yet so comfy.  love.

this trip, ben and i invited my sister and her man to come with us on a little double-date.  it was fabulous.  we shared a big ol' booth and sat for a couple of hours just chatting and enjoying some really tasty plates.  alas, i failed miserably in the picture-taking department since i was too excited to dig in to pause and snap a pic.  sorry about that.  [i guess we'll just have to go back again...] we are talking really good stuff here, folks.  cheddar fondue.  crab cake blt.  brown bag chicken sandwich [pulled chicken salad with oven dried tomatoes, toasted hazelnuts & herbs topped with avocado, watercress & green goddess goat cheese].  porkwich [pulled pork, tenderbelly braised ham & smoked bacon layered with gold sauce & crunchy coleslaw on a buttermilk bun].  plus, sides of mac and cheese!  wow.