snaps & snippets & blurbs

happy monday!  hubby and i feel mighty refreshed a ready to jump into a new week.  we spent the weekend enjoying some tasty grub, watching movies, hanging with family, puttering around the house [as my mom would say], and celebrating palm sunday as we prepare for holy week.  so many great moments together.

a friday date night at cb&cb + the crazy good menu chock full of cheesy deliciousness + a tall glass of icy water was in order to combat the increasing az heat + my prime dip...oh my + hubby's o-lineman burger which consists of two patties smooshed together with cheese, sandwiched between two grilled cheese sandwiches [yes, it is extreme, but it was a gastronomical experience that could not be turned down] + a peak inside the yumminess + a scrumptious breakfast smoothie that feels like such a splurge!  greek yogurt, coconut milk, protein powder, a few little squares of super dark chocolate, and plenty of cherries and blueberries.  so frosty and amazing! + the buddies watching my week with marilyn.  they too were quite enamored with miss monroe + our movie watching snack...sparkling ginger ale with prickly pear juice & freshly popped corn with a splash of butter and a sprinkling of white cheddar powder + our sunday morning drive to church for a palm sunday celebration.  we had a guest speaker who is a wheaton college prof and an oxford c.s. lewis scholar. [dream job] can you imagine steeping your mind in the deep waters of c.s. lewis for a living?  so cool.

this was a good one indeed.