snaps & snippets & blurbs

just a few snaps from the weekend.

+  lap time with sassy mr. charles  +  food  +  rockband [i am hubby's groupie]  +  joy and hope  +  a fabulous new year's eve celebration  +  let's go to the movies...  +  more happiness and joy and silliness with hubby  +  gator football.  i am a baylor bear [sic 'em] but married into gator nation [chomp. chomp.]  +  queso [mmmmm, cheesy goodness]  +  dad-in-law playing a little game of "name all 50 states in 5 minutes" [harder than you think.  the winner got 48.  stupid kansas and delaware.]  +  gotta have a bit of swanky for the my new frog necklace.  his name is fred.