in my own little corner, in my own little chair


[the daily view from my desk.  work staples:  lots of green to make me happy, wedding pics, amazing grass green superfood to give me a healthy burst, and tulsi tea with peppermint for a refreshing pick-me-up]

in my own little corner, in my own little chair.  i can be whatever i want to be...

rodgers & hammerstein. 


thank you very much.

this cinderella song reference seemed delightfully whimsical and appropriate.  [not because i feel like a lowly servant at my job, just because it is fun]  going back to the office after the christmas season and new year celebration is such a bizarre time.  on one hand, i am lazy and want to just head back to the couch, eat warm and rich foods, watch holiday movies, relax with hubby, cuddle with the buddies, and wear slippers all day.  on the other hand, a new year makes me feel inspired.  a fresh start.  a new jolt of energy.  exciting possibilities.  renewal.  it does make me think that "i can be whatever i want to be" which is a great feeling.

[well...i can almost be whatever i want to be.  technically, i can't be whatever.  but, i did get to create my own title:  marketing maven & communication designer.  pretty swanky, eh?]

a new year always helps me to look to the Lord for my renewal.  sometimes, the future can seem so uncertain and big.  tasks seem so overwhelming.  i need that renewed strength in order to get back to doing the work that i need to do.  my hope is that i will continue to reach beyond, strive for the highest, work diligently, and bring glory to the one from whom all blessings flow.  thank you Lord for giving me the chance to work in this world for your glory and for the good of others.  soli deo gloria.