a french market salad


this week's sunday supper was a french market inspired salad. we took a happy hiatus, a delightful detour, from our sunday evening obsession with ben's from-scratch pizza to enjoy this plant powered, bountiful beauty. 

a dish which seemed perfectly placed for our current mood. to me, this bowl truly speaks to the liminal space of this season of life: summer and autumn. cool and warm. sprightly and yet, superbly slow.

dry baked red potatoes and subtly sautéed mushrooms and green beans all tossed (while warm) with a dijon vinaigrette and then piled atop a bed of red lettuce. finished with a garish garnish of capers, french radishes, cornichons, dill, chives, and some pseudo-parmesan made from nutritional yeast, walnuts, celtic salt, and garlic.

major shout-out to my sous chef, elinor. we have been having such a blast in the kitchen together and i am eating it up.

nourriture, le quotidiencurator