a hebrew word for heavy. something with heft. something solid. something deep. something meaningful. the rich things.

that which has substance of eternal weight and depth and glory.

on days when i am tempted to stress about the trivial. the nonsense. the distractions. during moments when i am caught up in the what ifs and how comes and if onlys. when i am feeling that sense of missing out. or not enoughness. or comparison. or getting caught up in hustle and grind and searching for meaning in the wrong places. or thinking too much about my reach or worldly metrics. i find this idea of kavod to be a grounding one. because maybe, just maybe, what i do - what you do - is about depth, not width. about weight and heavy things, not light things. about complex things not simple things. maybe my value - your value - can't be measured by some algorithm. maybe influence and value cannot be simplified and condensed into a screen.

often, we are told to keep it simple. simple works. simple is... simple. most people respond to simple. they want one thing. they want a word. they want a hashtag. they want a poster. they want a rallying cry. they want concise. nothing too deep. nothing too layered. keep it simple, stupid. 

well, i think simple is stupid. i don't want simple.

i want subtle. nuanced. intricate. distinct.

just something to keep in mind as we navigate this wacky world of people and places and things. especially tech and media. there's a phone wallpaper for ya.

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