the one who is able to do far more abundantly than all that we ask or imagine, according to the power at work within us.

ephesians 3:20

the word able is the greek word dunamis which means power or ability. it is also where we get the word dynamite.

let’s recap: ephesians 3:20 is saying that not only is God the one who does what is exceedingly above and beyond whatever you could think of, dream up, or ask. God is the one who is able to bring some dynamite to your life. to bring the thunder. to blow it up and bust it up.

sometimes, the mode your life is in, the thing that is sitting in front of you, the bad habits you’ve constructed, sometimes it all has to be blown up in order to clear a path, in order to move into a new space.

sound explosive? yup. it is. it is intense. it is big. it can be scary. but sometimes, it is necessary.

when you have been clinging to something, trying to hold something together, building life around something, stuck in something, it can be hard to imagine anything else. even something better. you can get so intrenched in that mode of keeping the balls in the air or keeping your head above water or keeping your arms around it, that you begin to lack the imagination to ask for more or do something more or hope for more or expect more.

that’s when you need to bring in the dynamite. to blow up the thing. to clear the space. to make room for what is next and new. something expansive and interesting and richer than you can imagine.