taking stock | june's end

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making / elevated pb&js. cooking / lots of eggs and veggies. and bowls of cereal/granola (not that it counts as cooking...) drinking / ALL THE WATER + fancy cocktails with my man + coffee, especially this. reading / spurgeon + pages and pages of notes and to-do lists + animal books (that one is kid-related). wanting / all the spa days and all the yoga. looking / Godward. playing / classic jazz. wasting / coffee grounds no more! putting those babies to good use in our potted plants. sewing / doing more sowing than sewing but that's just fine. wishing / for cooling rain instead of humidifying rain. #monsoons enjoying / life's simple pleasures. waiting / in rush hour traffic is majorly blah. liking / messy beach hair and parisian bedhead. wondering / what is coming around the bend. loving / afternoon dog pile that occurs when ben gets home from the office. hoping / and dreaming and planning and reveling and savoring and organizing. marveling / at the spots of green that remain despite the summer heat. needing / a happy hour with friends. smelling / the bountiful blooms given to me by my man. wearing / my fringe sandals like they are going out of style (which they will be in no time flat). noticing / what a sweet season this is. we our having such fun as our little fam. bouncing around the city. enjoying meals at home. playing and making memories. and i know the best is yet to come... knowing / who i am and who i am not. thinking / about july plans. feeling / content and focused. bookmarking / kate spade "things we love". opening / almond butter and a bar of dark chocolate. giggling / at brit humor.

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