déjà vu

IMG_1757 to be fair, i warned you about this, shake shack taking over the blog. but once you go shack, you don't go back. this place is kind of our new fave. especially during this time of year when the weather is fine and the sky is cotton candy perfection. you can dine al fresco at a charming picnic table and then linger to play a bit while you finish up your shake. perfect.

sunday afternoon, we met up with ben's side of the family tree for an early dinner. and it was pretty great. and a total treat. we do plenty of meals together but they are usually home-cooked. with all the chefs and bakers and foodies in the family, it's bound to shake out like that. so when we all gather for a dinner OUT, it is rare and extra fun. and you gotta do it right. so, naturally, burgers. and fries. and ice cream-y things.

IMG_1742 IMG_1745 IMG_1746 IMG_1749IMG_1747 IMG_1743

we arrived a few minutes before the rest of the crew and elinor was a hoot during our (brief) wait. she was pacing and looking around like a woman possessed. she had her eye on the prize. she must have told us her order at least a dozen times: a hot dog, my ooooooown fries, and just a widdle fing of ketchup.

IMG_1750 IMG_1751 IMG_1752

oh gosh. the obsession is hard core, folks. those cheese fries know what they are doing. and this time we went for the SmokeShack burger and woah. a cheeseburger with perfectly crispy bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and shack sauce. and i was SO good and only ordered a single. of course, i am still thinking about that burger and thinking that move was a huge mistake. double. always get the double. come on rachel, not the time to show restraint.


and as the sky started to turn pink and purple, we moved from our dining table and enjoyed some postprandial play. this group and foosball. like moths to a flame. we chatted and let ridley bounce around and laughed at elinor jabbing away with the foosball men (foosmen?). good times. such a glorious, easy-breezy evening. i am picking up what you're putting down, arizona. this shift in seasons feels good. i hope it is the start of some fabulous family gatherings and evenings spent outside.