that day when we decided to eat all the yummy things

IMG_1733 on saturday, we dropped elinor with the grandparents so that she could enjoy a few hours of pool time, play time, and her favorite lunch treat, an acai bowl. she was so excited for her morning of fun and we were equally excited to enjoy a brunch date with our little man tagalong. he's an excellent third wheel, i must say.

IMG_1731 IMG_1734 IMG_1735

we decided on brunch at southern rail because they have a killer croque madame and i am a sucker for bread and béchamel. ben ordered the fried green tomato po' boy with pimento cheese which was suuuuuper southern of him. and despite my aversion to tomatoes, ben twisted my arm and gave me a bite... and it was exceptional. i think i might be going the po' boy route next time because they have a roast beef one with debris gravy and horseradish. and that sounds like a good time to me. or maybe i will order that PLUS the croque and you can roll me outta there...

IMG_1736 IMG_1737

last time we enjoyed brunch at southern rail, i was pregnant with ridley. but this time, i made sure to do brunch right and enjoy it with a mimosa. and instead of ending the meal with a sticky bun as we have been known to do, we hopped back in the car and popped over to welcome chicken + donuts for a half dozen of the finest donuts in town.


i can't really think of a better way to spend the better part of a saturday. spicy and satisfying southern goodness followed up with fried dough topped with sweet and special glazes and such. gee golly. it was a good day.

and bonus! we are totally rocking it in the resolutions department! life is good. dates with my man are my favorite. weekends are the very best. and brunch, give me all the brunch. and donuts.