granny geek chic

_GUC0103 _GUC0381 _GUC0147 the granny librarian geek chic vibe is STRONG with gucci's spring ready-to-wear line. a pattern and texture palooza. a parade of sheen and sequins and color and vintage goodness. each look was better than the last. and because i couldn't edit it down, i included a bunch of my favorite looks from the line, after the jump.

the dark and moody, hippie, groovy 70s feel of tom ford has been replaced with the dreamy, bedecked, doodled collection by alessandro michele. and i am delighted by it. the fresh line is a playful romp using dazzling accessories and wallpaper-grandma-curtains patterns. it is quirky. the pieces look vintage, its an homage to the looks you might find in your grandmother's closet (or pasted on her walls or hanging on her windows) but it is amplified luxe vintage. a kaleidoscope of brocade and bold florals and glitter and satins and sheers and chiffon and lace and fur. oversized specs. chunky platforms. gaudy baubles. i mean, the brooches alone are enough to make you swoon.

i will take one of each, item, pretty please.

_GUC0321 _GUC0425 _GUC0515 _GUC0543 _GUC0593 _GUC0781 _GUC0811 _GUC0831 _GUC0959