taking stock | january's end

IMG_1594IMG_1579IMG_1582IMG_1581IMG_1583_2IMG_1570making / silly faces with elinor. cooking / lots of sweet potatoes. drinking / americanos. sparkling water. cognac and benedictine with a twist. reading / financials. clinicals. business reports. wanting / to live on croissants. oh wait, i am pretty close to doing that now. looking / forward to a valentine's day date. playing / airplane with ridley. wasting / hot water. because: showers, tea, the aforementioned americano situation, and laundry. sewing / my first solo quilt! taking a class and everything. on the road to total pro status (wink wink). wishing / that i were in aspen. or NYC. or paris! we are coming for ya, paris. enjoying / sunrise runs. sunrise yoga. sunrise bible reading. sunrise coffee dates with my man. waiting / for the next thing. liking / my weekly hot yoga class treat. hoping / that i can be a good steward of the things that God entrusts to me. marveling / at ridley's strength. it's outta control. seriously. smelling / chili cooking on the stove. and bread baking in the oven. wearing / mama-daughter matching sunnies and topknots. noticing / how much i love overcast days. knowing / that i am full and complete in Christ. plus or minus nothing. thinking / about the big things this year will hold. feeling / optimistic. nervous. excited. bookmarking / american citizenship study materials. opening / a new mascara. giggling / at elinor and ridley giggling.

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