boy oh boy

IMG_1596 ridley loves to stand and bounce.

ridley loves to smile and melt hearts.

ridley loves to kick and flip and flop and flail. especially during diaper changes.

ridley thinks his toes taste pretty darn good.

ridley loves butter and peas and sweet potatoes and bananas. and anything food, really.

ridley prefers to "bear crawl" around the house. and then freak us out by squatting and leaning on things and performing feats of strength.

ridley is tenacious and resilient.

ridley loves to flirt with mama.

ridley loves to giggle at his sister.

ridley loves to swat at papa and mess with him.

ridley is cautious around new people. but once he warms to you, it is so so good.

ridley loves to be on the move. unless he is sleeping. which he also loves.

ridley loves to pounce on the dog water bowl.

ridley loves to bop to the beat of music.

ridley thinks it's funny when mama sings.

ridley sits up in his crib and smiles when we come in to fetch him from his slumber.

ridley loves his space. and he will let you know if you are in his way.

ridley loves to gently pet doggies.

ridley loves kisses. giving and getting.

ridley loves his football. and banging elinor's play pots and pans.

ridley has the cutest gorilla upper body.

ridley has the cutest everything.

he is our little dreamboat and we are so grateful for his life.

boy oh boy, do we love him.