contemplations of mr. charles

IMG_1287 IMG_1288 good day, ladies and gentlemen. and happy new year. i hope you had an enjoyable 2015. and an enjoyable 2014. i sure wasn't given my fair share of blog space in the last TWO YEARS. two entire years passed (ahem, that's fourteen years according to canine mathematics) with nothing more than a few measly mentions. for those of you who are unfamiliar with me, my name is mr. charles winston squigglebottom whitehouse. pleased to me your acquaintance. and i am the author of a much-neglected series on this online life journal, entitled, "contemplations of mr. charles".

my last post was in december of 2013. at first i thought that my lack of posts was because of the stringent guidelines in place for this space. perhaps my content was lackluster. my writing skills, subpar. but then i started reading some of the pieces that passed muster. giveaways? pictures of food? squares of life? oh yes. such high quality works of art. (rolls eyes and sighs)

and of course, now we have a new human around here. add him to the list of topics of greater importance than myself. i mean, he hasn't even grown into his paws yet! and i am far more charming. i happen to think that i am a hoot. and witty and winsome to boot. all this ridley has is a nice pair of blue eyes. and a mouthful of saliva. but sure, give him entire posts dedicated to his slobbery face. and by all means, do it a few times per week. mum is such a sucker for these tiny humans. it really is pathetic. i pity her, actually.

meanwhile, i am capable of crafting masterful posts that will no doubt delight the masses. and i am relegated to the couch. spending my days curled up on a furry blanket and sleeping. i have so much more to give!

just the other day, i overheard a conversation about mum's grand plans for this space. it had something to do with a schedule and themes for days. and it went a little something like this:

motherhood monday | thoughts and stories from personal experience and the lives of others

toss up tuesday | whatever i am in the mood to share

wordless wednesday | enough said

theology thursday | musings on faith

fashion friday | style and vêtements

the idea being that content would have more of a rhyme and reason so that everyone would know what to expect. it would keep her organized. and be more purposeful.

i say! that's a wonderful notion. things need to be tidied up around here. but may i counter? i propose the following schedule:

moody monday | where i share my various moods

treats tuesday | a collection of my favorite things to eat

wednesdays with winston | quotes from sir churchill and other luminaries

thoughts thursday | where i share my thoughts on various topics

fuzzy friday | a collection of my favorite blankets and other snuggly objects

now that's much better. i look forward to this new plan. 2016 is off to a smashing start. paws crossed that my fantastic face graces this little corner of the internet much more often.

until next time.