#12DatesofChristmas2015 | number twelve

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 ····· on the twelfth date of christmas ·····

dinner and strolling

we did it! twelve dates, and then some. and yes, *technically* the final date was in 2016. but, as we all know, the christmas season doesn't *technically* end until epiphany. so, we might have gotten it in just in the st. nick of time... but, we got it in, nonetheless.

to close things out, we decided on a legit date night. just us. out on the town. we had lots of family dates and double dates and group dates this year. parties. events. gatherings. so after all that hustle and bustle, our "just us" dates were mostly spent at home. quiet. sweet moments together after the little ones were asleep. but for the 12th date, we opted for an evening out. nothing fussy. just a few uninterrupted hours to enjoy a meal, walk, shop, chat and plan, and grab some treats. it was the perfect way to cap off the holiday season. we revisited moments from the prior weeks. we laughed until we cried. we joked. we held hands. we ate ALL THE CARBS. we focused. we refocused. we set intentions for 2016. we dreamed. we planned. we used up our gift cards on some fabulous fitness gear. we redecorated rooms in our heads. we selected a few items for my new home office space. we resisted the urge to go into gap kids and buy all the (totally unnecessary) things on the sale rack. and then we shared a few fancy french chocolates and macarons before heading back to pick up elinor and ridley.

it was just right.

until next year, christmas!